Duke ITAC - August 28, 1997 Minutes

DUKE ITAC - August 28, 1997 Minutes

TAC Minutes

August 28, 1997

Present: Mike Pickett; Robert Wolpert; John Board; George Oberlander; Jim Coble; Paul Harrod; Bill Auld; Roger Loyd; Pakis Bessias; Landen Bain; David Jamison-Drake; Brian Eder; Roy Weintraub; Jim Dronsfield; Rafael Rodriguez; Caroline Nisbet; Betty Le Compagnon

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Robert Wolpert and the minutes from the last meeting approved. Mr. Pickett announced that a future ITAC meeting would discuss the possibility of using e-mail as an official means of communication with students. Interest in this topic was expressed by Marion Shepard and the SISS team.

Rafael Rodriguez presented a proposed standard configuration titled "Desktop Computers for Administrative Staff". Betty Le Compagnon added comments garnered from a similar presentation at the August 27th SICC meeting. Discussion follows on the role of Macintosh computers, resolving on the point that Windows/Intel machines are preferred, but not mandated for administrative desktops. The report was accepted.

Betty Le Compagnon reported on an OIT update given to the Senior Officers. The report focused on the four areas of remote access, desktop renewal, administrative reform, and teaching and learning. Efforts in year 2000 and salary adjustments were also presented. The entire update was conditioned by a discussion of the proper role of information technology staff in driving and defining initiatives. It was suggested that IT should enable and support, but should not always be the leaders of university reform. The report on the senior officer's update was accepted with little discussion.

The meeting was abbreviated because many ITAC members had to meet with incoming freshmen.