Duke ITAC - April 29, 2004 Minutes

DUKE ITAC - April 29, 2004 Minutes


April 29, 2004

Members present: Mike Baptiste, Pakis Bessias, John Board, Dick Danner represented by Ken Hirsh, Angel Dronsfield, Brian Eder, David Ferriero, Tracy Futhey, Michael Gettes, Linda Goodwin represented by Paul Corbett, David Jamieson-Drake represented by Bob Newlin, David Jarmul, Kyle Johnson, Roger Loyd, Greg McCarthy, Melissa Mills represented by Kevin Witte, George Oberlander, Mike Pickett, Rafael Rodriguez, Molly Tamarkin, Robert Wolpert, Steve Woody

Guests present: George Ward, OIT; Sarah Roberts, OIT; Phil Lemmons, ONC; Ginny Cake, OIT

I. Review of minutes and announcements:

Raphael announces the Health System has a new information security officer. Rob Adams starts Monday May 3. He will work closely with the University IT Security Officer, Chris Cramer.

Tracy announces David Ferriero has been named the Andrew W. Mellon Director and Chief Executive of the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library.

II. 2004 ITAC group photo

III. 2004-2005 Student lab upgrades

by Mike Pickett

Currently, we are having our annual discussion of how to upgrade the computer labs. Years ago we decided to be on a 3-year cycle to upgrade labs. George Ward and Sarah Roberts are here to talk about this. They helped put together a proposal we would like to share. It includes some statistics on use and other information.

We found that in the 1990s there was a peak in PCs coming into Duke with students. Immediately after that, we saw a drop—from 97 percent to 92 percent student computer ownership. It has stayed at 92 percent for the past few years.

What we typically do every year is replace about one third of the machines. This year, based on usage, we are not replacing one third of each kind of computer, ie, Window, Macs, Unix, etc. This year we have had a request for two new student labs. We will also redistribute the types of machines. Macs, for example, will be spread out a bit more. We have seen a reduction in support of Solaris products from vendors who develop on Solaris. If that is a trend, we need to pay attention.

John Board and Molly both give an example of how the drop in Solaris support has affected their schools.

Mike says we are not going to replace all the Sun Solaris systems scheduled to be replaced.

Also, we are seeking an alternate space to the Epworth dorm lab. It is too small and has cooling issues.

Another trend is that the PC labs have grown in usage over the past year. Mike points to other statistics that may be confusing. For example, the usage statistics for Old Chem are misleading because it is used as a teaching lab all day so no matter how many students use that lab there is only one log in per day. Use of the Mac labs has stayed relatively flat. Unix lab use has dropped, but it appears these machines are being connected to and used remotely, from dorm rooms so this statistic too can be misleading.

Mike Baptiste says there is no PC lab in the engineering school. This will be discussed soon, especially since Pratt is adding 200 students.

Mike Pickett says even though we are increasing the number of machines we are also seeing a dramatic increase in usage.

George Oberlander asks if we have any data on software usage. What programs are being used more than others? John Board says it is a priority to collect that kind of data, but there is none yet.

Mike wants to know if anyone has concerns about the plan they have laid out because the machines will be ordered soon.

Mike Baptiste is concerned about forgoing Sun Blade machines for new PCs. Will the PCs compare? That should be tested.

IV. Cell phone contract

by Angel Dronsfield

We have an approved recommendation and hope to have contracts signed tomorrow or Monday. The legalese is being worked on. It’s a dual contract; ALLTEL is one provider, Verizon is the other. Package prices have dropped for ALLTEL, and Verizon packages also offer discounts over what you get on the street. June 1 is the intended implementation date for the new service offerings.

John Board asks what Web site this will be publicized on. The answer is the OIT site.

Mike Baptiste asks about text messaging. Has the price gone down? Angel says it still costs money—nothing is free. Kyle says costs for text messaging are basically the street price minus the Duke discount.

For employee personal service there is a 10% discount from ALLTEL and 15% discount from Verizon over the street price.

Robert Wolpert asks about computer cell phone cards—3G. Angel says she does not remember the particulars, but the same discount should apply.

V. Apple Computer Campus Visit

by Tracy Futhey

Apple Computer came to campus a few weeks ago to look for how people were using their products at Duke. They are doing some success stories about how Apple equipment is being used in interesting ways, and they discussed potential projects in support of teaching and research, including more extensive use of iPods in teaching around languages, music, and lecture courses. Tracy asked whether other groups were interested iPod use or if they had other projects to share with Apple.

Paul Corbett from the Nursing School expressed interest in using iPods to record lectures, but added that they are looking also at pocket PCs because of the potential for video in addition to audio.

VI. Other Business

End of the academic year reception