ITAC Meeting Minutes - 2007


January 11, 2007

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  • Google video update (Bob Price)
  • Storage, Backup and Recovery Service Team Report (Kevin Davis and Billy Herndon)
  • Duke Email spam handling options (Klara Jelinkova and Tammy Closs)
  • Update from attendees to the Common Solutions Group meeting (Mike Pickett)
  • Other Business
January 25, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
  • Review of Minutes and Announcements
  • Faculty Systems update and introduction to Julia Trimmer (Jim Roberts, Julia Trimmer, Billy Herndon)
  • Course retention policy (Lynne O’Brien, Julian Lombardi)
  • Wiki and blog infrastructure (Kevin Witte and Billy Herndon)
  • RENCI, the Renaissance Computing Institute, update (Jeff Chase and Julian Lombardi)
Feb. 8, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
  • Announcements & Meeting Minutes
  • General discussion on technology issues (Tallman Trask, executive vice president)
  • Data Centers Needs and Planning (Michael Goodman and Molly Tamarkin)
  • eDiscovery, federal lawsuits and Duke IT (Chris Cramer and Kate Hendricks)
February 22, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
  • Announcements & Meeting Minutes
  • Fuqua Global Technology – Satyam, India, and Goethe, Germany
  • Duke Med Global Technology – Duke NUS Singapore (Kevin Lee)
March 8, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
  • Conversation with Provost Peter Lange
  • Update on ePrint Quota Discussions (Audrey Ellerbe, Elliott Wolf and ePrint committee members)
  • DukePass Portal update (Kevin Witte and Deb Johnson)
March 22, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
  • Announcements
  • Student Computer Labs Update (Kevin Davis)
  • Perkins Library Teaching and Learning Space
  • Scholarly Communications Office Update (Kevin Smith)
  • Policies and practices related to personal Web space, file and email services after leaving Duke (Chris Cramer)
  • Other Business
April 5, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
  • Announcements
  • eNotify (Ginny Cake)
  • State of the Network (Kevin Miller)
  • A&S dcal conversion (Molly Tamarkin)
  • Technology Architecture Group (Mike Pickett)
  • Wikis and blogs – Kevin Witte
May 3, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
  • Announcements
  • Update on strategic plan implementation (Angel Wingate and Ginny Cake)
  • Student cell phones (Debbie DeYulia)
  • Storage Initiative Update
June 14, 2007    View Meeting Minutes
  • Announcements & Meeting Minutes
  • Update on Data Centers (Pat Driver)
  • Intro to and demo of Second Life (Victoria Szabo)
  • Introduction to Henry Cuthbert, associate university counsel
  • RIAA issues (Chris Cramer and Henry Cuthbert)
June 28, 2007    
July 12, 2007    
    July 26, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
    • Announcements and Minutes
    • IPhone Update (Kevin Miller)
    • ELearning Group Report (Molly Tamerkin)
    • Personal Network Storage Demo (Klara Jelinkova)
    • Shibboleth, Grouper Discussion (Klara Jelinkova)
    • Other Business
    August 9, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
    • Announcements
    • Blackboard Update (Neil Caidin and Lynne O’Brien)
    • E-Learning Exploration at UNC (Aurora Collado filled in for Charlie Green)
    • Patient Portal Presentation (Boyd Carlson – Senior director of application development at DHTS)
    August 23, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
    • Introductions and Announcements
    • 802.11n Pilot (Kevin Miller)
    • Surplus PC Operations Update (Jane Pleasants)
    • Online Dissertation (Tim Pyatte)
    • Virtualization Part 1 (Mark Cahill)
    • Affiliate Systems Non-Traditional Students (Sue Jarrell)
    September 6, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
    • Announcements and Introductions
    • E-learning Follow-up Update (Molly Tamerkin)
    • Software Licensing Update (Bob Price)
    September 20, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
    • Announcement
    • TAP Sales (Jim Rigney)
    • IronMountainPersonal Backup (Debbie DeYulia)
    • WebFiles Usage (Klara Jelinkova)
    • RENCI Update (Marilyn Lombardi)
    • Cellular Update (Bob Johnson)
    • Cellular Update (Bob Johnson and Klara Jelinkova)
    • Dr. Trask Q&A
    October 4, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
    • Lynne O’Brian)
    • Graduate School, Technology & Teaching Developments (Hugh Crumley)
    • Virtualization, Part II (Jeff Chase)
    • SISS Upgrade (Billy Herndon, Kathy Pfeiffer)
    October 18, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
    • Announcements
    • Security Month (Klara)
    • Emergency Communications Update (Ginny Cake)
    • University’s IT Strategic Plan Update (Ginny Cake and Angel Wingate)
    • E-Print Update (Kevin Davis and Bob Price)
    • CSG Update (Klara and Mark)
    • Personal Use of Duke Resources Discussion Moderated by John Board
    November 1, 2007   View Meeting Minutes
    • Minutes and Announcements
    • Faculty Database Update (Billy Herndon and Julia Trimmer)
    • Email autoForwarding (Rafael Rodriquez and Mark Phillips)
    • Update from the Blackwell Interactive web group (Blyth Morrell and Stephen Toback)
    • Dr. Lange
    November 15, 2007 Allen Board Room View Meeting Minutes
    November 29, 2007 Allen Board Room View Meeting Minutes
    December 13, 2007 Allen Board Room View Meeting Minutes