4:00 - 4:05 p.m. - Announcements (5 minutes)


It is great to see everyone in person today. Today’s theme is Scary ITAC.


Fernando Osorto has completed two years as ITAC stenographer and will be rotating off. Quincy Garbutt will be rotating on.


Minutes are approved for February 18 and October 14, 2021.


4:05 - 5:00 p.m. - “The Rise of Supply Chain Attacks” - Alex Merck, Nick Tripp (40 minute presentation, 15 minute discussion)


What it is: Continuing the IT Security Office’s Halloween tradition as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, this presentation will discuss risks associated with supply chain attacks. Alex and Nick will demonstrate an attack via a trusted third-party vendor who offers services or software vital to the supply chain and discuss potential mitigations for these threats.


Why it’s relevant: Headlines about supply chain attacks have been everywhere in 2021. This presentation will give a brief overview of the history, types, and impact of supply chain attacks to date. Alex and Nick will also cover the potential impact of a supply chain attack at Duke.


Richard Biever requests no recording of this presentation.


5:00 - 5:30 p.m. - Celebration (30)

Light appetizers and celebratory beverages will be available to mark the occasion of our first in person gathering in 19+ months.