ITAC Membership

ITAC members 2019-20

ITAC Members - Academic Year 2020-21

2019-20 Members (pictured above, left to right from the top):

  • Kevin Smith, Randy Haskin, Brian Eder, Chris Meyer, Mark Palmeri, Robert Wolpert, Steffen Bass, Billy Willis, Tracy Futhey
  • Jeff Mimnaugh, Michael Greene, Mark Goodacre, Victoria Szabo, Chas Kissick, Pakis Bessias
  • Chris Woods, Shrey Majmudar, Paul Jaskot, Tim McGeary, JoAnne Van Tuyl, Jun Yang, Laura Webb
  • John Shaw, Jen Vizas, Fernando Osorto, Angikar Ghosal, Kayako Yamakoshi, Brandon Le, Rachel Richesson, John Board

Faculty appointed by the Executive Committee of the Academic Council to three-year terms expiring in the specified year

Undergraduate students appointed annually by Duke Student Government

  • 2020-21 representatives
    • Chase Barclay, Arts & Sciences ('24)
    • Jackson Kennedy, Pratt School of Engineering ('22)
    • Shrey Majmudar, Arts & Sciences ('22)

Graduate students appointed annually by the Graduate & Professional Student Council

  • 2020-21 representatives
    • Varunram Ganesh ('21)
    • Chas Kissick ('22)
    • Brandon Le ('24)
    • Stephen Luciani Jr. ('22)

Representatives of Duke schools appointed annually by their respective dean

Administrative appointments made annually by division heads

Ex officio ITAC participants from the central IT organization

Other campus IT stakeholders are invited to attend for relevant agenda items as appropriate.

ITAC Steering Committee

ITAC chair kicks off a meeting

The ITAC Steering Committee proposes ITAC meeting agendas, invites guest presenters, and supports the activities of the body. Contact the ITAC Steering Committee at

  • Tracy Futhey, Office of Information Technology
  • John Board, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Office of Information Technology
  • Shamyla Lando, Duke Health Technology Solutions
  • David MacAlpine, Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
  • Robert Wolpert, Statistical Science
  • John Shaw, Office of Information Technology
  • Logan Roger, Office of Information Technology
ITAC members tour a new building on campus