ITAC Membership

ITAC members 2019-20

ITAC Members - Academic Year 2020-21

2019-20 Members (pictured above, left to right from the top):

  • Kevin Smith, Randy Haskin, Brian Eder, Chris Meyer, Mark Palmeri, Robert Wolpert, Steffen Bass, Billy Willis, Tracy Futhey
  • Jeff Mimnaugh, Michael Greene, Mark Goodacre, Victoria Szabo, Chas Kissick, Pakis Bessias
  • Chris Woods, Shrey Majmudar, Paul Jaskot, Tim McGeary, JoAnne Van Tuyl, Jun Yang, Laura Webb
  • John Shaw, Jen Vizas, Fernando Osorto, Angikar Ghosal, Kayako Yamakoshi, Brandon Le, Rachel Richesson, John Board

Faculty appointed by the Executive Committee of the Academic Council to three-year terms expiring in the specified year

Undergraduate students appointed annually by Duke Student Government

  • 2021-22 representatives
    • Chase Barclay, Arts & Sciences ('24)
    • Jax Nalley 
    • Zoe Tishaev 

Graduate students appointed annually by the Graduate & Professional Student Council

  • 2021-22 representatives
    • Chas Kissick ('22)
    • Brandon Le ('24)
    • Stephen Luciani Jr. ('22)

Representatives of Duke schools appointed annually by their respective dean

Administrative appointments made annually by division heads


Ex officio ITAC participants from the central IT organization

  • Tracy Futhey (VP, Information Technology and CIO)
  • John Board (Associate CIO and Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Richard Biever (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • Charley Kneifel (Senior Director, IT)
  • Chris Meyer (Senior Director, IT)
  • Evan Levine (Senior Director, IT)
  • Paula Batton (Director, IT)
  • Jen Vizas (Director, IT)
  • Logan Roger (Coordinator,primary)
  • Ryn Nasser (Coordinator, alternate)
  • Quincy Garbutt (Stenographer)
  • Dorothy Coletta (Stenographer)

Other campus IT stakeholders are invited to attend for relevant agenda items as appropriate.

ITAC Steering Committee

ITAC chair kicks off a meeting

The ITAC Steering Committee proposes ITAC meeting agendas, invites guest presenters, and supports the activities of the body. Contact the ITAC Steering Committee at

  • Tracy Futhey, Office of Information Technology
  • John Board, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Office of Information Technology
  • Shamyla Lando, Duke Health Technology Solutions
  • David MacAlpine, Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
  • Robert Wolpert, Statistical Science
  • John Shaw, Office of Information Technology
  • Logan Roger, Office of Information Technology
ITAC members tour a new building on campus